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I <3 Roma!

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Kayleigh: It was a sad day when we had to leave Cortona. Sad in more ways then one. I suppose you could say we rode the "struggle bus" to Orvieto on Saturday (the 29th). The pictures below can show you what I mean. We, well most of us, held it together and embarked on the last leg of our Italian Trip.

Orvieto May 29th: The Struggle Bus arrived and we went and saw some beautiful churches. The town seems pretty enough but the food was comical. For the first time in Italy we experienced a serious language barrier--we ended up with microwaved hamburgers (thats what we get for ordering them I guess), luke warm octagonal hotdogs (yes 2..we asked for 2 hotdogs and got them both on the same bun), and "toast sandwich" which was neither full of veggies and meat as advertised, or even toasted. Laughed so hard we cried over our dumb luck, packed up our things and headed to Rome.

Rome May 29th evening: Of course we started off Rome that evening seeing some art including the Borghese's Bernini, David. Even though we were all tired, exhausted, starving, cranky, and smelly a group of us (Pharm girls plus a big chunk of the rest of the croud) thought it was a good idea to go out on the town in Rome. Wil had a good friend who did a Pub Crawl last year in Rome and after a little researching he thought it was fun enough, safe enough, and cheap enough for us to go. After dinner, which was freaking amazing by the way, we hopped on a few buses...a few because we couldnt seem to get on the right ones (us girls were not in charge of planning by the way)...and made our way to the Colosseum. The pub crawl was decent, lots and lots and lots and lots of Americans (even a few guidos with waxed eyebrows and rosary beads), our guide was very funny and really nice, and we got a free Tshirt. The girls and I headed home early after only 2 bars and all in all it was a good first night in Rome. The best part by far was the view of the Colosseum at night.

Rome May 30th: Bright and early Dr. Zuraw took all us science nerds into town to see a plethora of art. Sadly, there's no way my brain would hold everything we saw so I'll let you know what the syllabus says we did that day.
9:00 Capitoline Museums Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius (artist unknown) we saw a lot of other pieces of art here too. This was by far one of the coolest--and this was Libby's art project! (she did great!)
11:30 San Pietro in Vincoli
12-2 Lunch
2-5 Pantheon (AMAZING!!! The Pantheon is one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world and this is my second time there. Dr. Zuraw says her personal theory is in order to return to rome she says you HAVE TO get inside the Pantheon, she has every single time she's come. There is an opening in the ceiling to the open air, Dr. Zuraw says shes seen it snow, rain, sleet, hail..everything, inside the pantheon!)
Santa Maria sopra Minerva
Sant'Ignazio Apotheosis of St. Ignazio and Dome by Fra Andrea Pozzo
San Luigi dei' Francesi
Piazza Navona Bernini, Four Rivers Fountain

everything listed here are the basic layouts of what we did, the specific art mentioned were student presentations. We probably saw about 30X that with Dr. Zuraw talking. We also had time to walk through and see the Roman Forum ruins. Sunday night we about passed out but not before we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua (in italian). haha

Rome May 31st: That monday was dedicated to all things Vatican. We got up early and left to climb the stairs to the top of the Dome of St. Peters and saw amazing views of the city. After our climb we met up with the rest of the group and toured St. Peters until lunch. After lunch we went into the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. We tried to shop the rest of the day but none of us had any luck. Raina (a friend from the trip) managed to buy her 6th new pair of italian shoes--yes 6th--and we raced home for dinner and sat down exactly on time...I dont suggest running down rome streets, they're dangerous. When we got to the hotel dinner was about to start so we were pretty pumped...until it came. I think other than the teachers our table was the only one who ate the food that night. I thought it was pretty dang good...but I'm also not a picky eater. It was seafood risotto, complete with baby octopi and tenticles. Then salmon and potatoes. good for me, not so much the rest of the crowd. If theres one thing to know about Italian waiters, they get pretty upset when you dont like the food. I felt bad :'( but at least we ate ours.

Rome June 1st: I feel awful but by this day we had seen so much art I cant even tell you what we saw specifically other than we blew through about 5 churches before lunch. Dr. Zuraw took us to the Trevi Fountain (Trivoli if you ask TIP) and set us free for lunch and afterwards we saw "the show of a life time" a one month exhibit never before done (and probably never again) at SCUDERIE DEL QUIRINALE, to see "Mostra di Caravaggio" and exhibit full of nothing but Caravaggio's art because this is the 400th anniversary of his death.

We got out early and as it was our last day we wanted to make the most of it. We left the Caravaggio exhibit and went straight to the Colosseum to see it in the day light. From there we took a metro to the Spanish Steps and admired many stores we could not go into. Took a few funny pictures and decided to look for some affordable shopping. We managed to find a Zara, spent a few hours and a few euros shopping, and then moseyed our way over to the Metro to head home. Dinner was more successful overall that night and I think the waiters ended up not hating us after all. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out with friends dreading having to get up the next morning...and having to say goodbye.

Rome: June 2nd: LA FINE
The trip is over for a lot of kids (thankfully not for us). At 5 am our alarms went off, kicking us out of Italy wayyyyy early in the am. We arrived to the airport about 5 hours in advance of our flight--rough. We couldnt check in until 2 hours before so we did a lot of sitting around, chatting, and eating McDonalds. All our bags made weight and we headed on a plane to PARIS!!!!!

Italy was amazing and I can't wait to go back. Here are a few pictures from our time in Rome...if you want to see more just go to my facebook album or the other girls

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