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White Wines of Italy! :)

OUr lab for the day was trying four different kinds of wine... fabulous!

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The Trevi Fountain! <img class='img' src='http://www.travellerspoint.com/Emoticons/icon_smile.gif' width='15' height='15'


We stayed out last night in Cortona for a little while and it was so fun getting to know everyone in our programs!! I am the oldest student here and Libby is next in line which is so sad... but people think we are cool and know a lot which is super funny! My class today consisted on learning about how white wine is made all over Italy. We then went to eat lunch which is down the most ridiculous hill ever known to man. We has huge pizzas and everywhere we go people ask us where we are from! Everyone loves the students and you can definitely tell we are tourists because we have such trouble ordering off menus and figuring out how to pay in euros because they definitely dont split checks over here! We also has lab today which consisted of tasting four different kinds of white wines and since the Italians don't believe in drinking without eating we had huge plates of food... Let's just say lab is awesome and basically kicks every pharmacy school labs butt!! We are planning our trip to France now and getting ready to just hangout with everyone and go to bed for the night!! :) I am uploading a picture from Rome because that is where I was the first weekend that we got here! Amazing!!!

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Sto bene, grazie!

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Hey all!

We are sorry for missing yesterday! I, Kayleigh, will try to give a brief summary of yesterday's and todays highlights.

Wine class. Enough said. We learned the basics which was nice since we thought we were going to have to force Jo to share her knowledge. We learned how to read an Italian wine label and how to compare different red wines. (Personally, I preferred the Chianti to the super Tuscan even though the latter was more expensive. I suppose I liked the stronger tanin in the first. IM SO FANCY!).

Food. We ate...a lot. I'm beginning to love this town.

Tonight we got to go out and mingle with both programs together which was a lot of fun. Its been really nasty out today and tonight proved to be much better, and very condusive to mingling over some vino bianco :-) and Grappa. If you have tried it and liked it you are a better man than I, and yes I mean man! That stuff is...special.

I will try my best to take great pictures tomorrow, the haze tends to hinder things. We get a free photography lession tomorrow at five which I am personally very excited for!

have a wonderful night!


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Day Number TWO in Cortona

6 hours ahead and really good sandwhichs.

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Hey Everyone!

This message will be in two parts: Libby and Jordan:

Libby: Today was a lot better than the previous day. Everyone is a lot less jet lagged and friendly. Today we discussed gene mutations in our first half of class and then bioethical issues in our second half. We then went on to disscussion groups where we discussed clinical correlation in diseases and how armadillos have leprosy and opposums can scream at you. Interesting I know. After a day of class we ventured down to Molesisni's ( Italian Market) and ordered foccacia sandwich. We attempted our best italian, but its still lacking. After lunch we mingled witha few more of our group members and wrote our biweekly papers. At 6pm, we can a combined orientation with the viticulture program and then went out for vino. Surprised we got vino and appetizer ( one being pringles). We arrived at dinner by 7:30, 1:30 you time and had pasta, fried chicken, and french fries. This was one of our most amercian meals. Post dinner we had more wine and went to Route 66. A bar tended by a romanian woman that helped me with my italian. Next we venture to "blue bar" in which we saw many of our people in our program and shared a few laughs. Chances are tomorrow will be the same with old friends, new friends, new food and new scenery. We are having the time of our lives and we cant wait to see what the next day brings. Until then.. A domani!

Hiked the hill in Cortona today a million times... but the city is amazing!!!! We had chicken fingers for dinner with french fries which was awesome because i have not been so big on veal and green peas that we had one night! My program is so much fun we started off today learning about wine and trying to differentiate between smells! I have learned that I am not a very good sniffer! However, i found out that I am an super taster! Now off to take a shower that is hopefully warm... More to come later freezing cold in our kitchen where we get internet! :)

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We Made It!

After a 10.5 hour plane ride, swollen feet, mystery breakfast, lamb, and wine..... we made it!

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Arriving in Italy!

Arriving in Italy!

Our View!

Our View!

Ok! This entry will be in two parts, Libby and Kayleigh!

Libby: After arriving at the airport we made it through security check. Our flight had been moved from 4:05 to 5:30 to 4:20 to 4:50. Needless to say we were already confused. To make matter worse we get on the plane and wait another 2 hours because someone forgot the trashcans. Evidently its a crucial part of a safe flight! :) During the flight the four girls attempted to watch movies, sleep, and drink wine. After 10 hours, swollen feet, and many laughs we made it to Rome, Italy! After baggage claim we waited at the airport for about an hour to catch straggling passengers. Once we collected most of our group we headed on the 3 hour ride to Cortona. Kayleigh will fill in the rest!

Kayleigh: In lieu of the fact that neither Libby, nor I have completed our assigned reading for tomorrow (slackers I know) I will try to keep this brief :-) We arrived to Cortona to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views I have ever seen. I may or may not have commented a long the lines of, "are we in disney world" and libby may or may not have insinuated that we were in a subcity of Epcot....
We will upload pictures as fast as we can but really words can not describe the atmosphere here. We went through a brief dorm orientation, got our rooms--which are small but will suffice and of course have beautiful views...and then we went on a tour of the city before dinner. It will take us a while to get or bearings around the hilly city but I can tell you we are all in love with it already. From little bag shops to markets to cafes and restaurants every where we turn there is something for us to explore---tomorrow? Dinner at Toninos was great and our 6 Euro bottle of wine was even better. For now we are off to do homework like us studious pharmacy kids should do. We are the oldest students here by far, and from what I am seeing...also the least motivated. :-)


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Done with Second year!

Done with Second year!

Hey Everyone!

We decided to start our journey and end our horrible second year by popping "carbonated grape juice" in front of the school! Good luck with the rest of finals and well keep in touch soon!

Kayleigh, Libby, Jordan, and Ashley

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